Charter Trophy Walleye Fishing Trips in Green Bay, WI

Trophy Walleye Fishing Guide in Green Bay, Oconto, Peshtigo, and Door County, WI

Trophy Walleye Expert Fishing Guide in Green Bay, WI

If catching a Trophy Walleye is on your bucket list then April to Mid May is one of the best times to achieve catching this incredible fish. April brings pre-spawn females up into the rivers and river mouths to spawn. A trophy walleye can be classified as a fish measuring 25-33 inches long and a staggering 12-14lbs pre spawn. Depending on the day and weather conditions you could find yourself fishing the legendary Fox river for these giants. Or The bite may take us to Oconto, Pesthigo, Marinette, Suamico or other Door County trophy walleye locations. Locations depend on bite, time of the year and weather conditions and may change last minute.

Trophy Qalleye Fishing Guide in Green Bay, WI

Trophy Walleye Target Dates for Green Bay

SPRING: Mid March to Mid May

Eater Walleye Target Dates for Green Bay

1st Saturday in May to mid Sept

Walleye Trolling/casting is bite dependent. We use both techniques but please remember one or the other may be working better than the other on the day of your trip. We will be using the technique that will produce the best outcome to insure you have the best success rate for your booked charter. If you want to Target one technique more than the other please specify this at your booking and i will accommodate your request if possible.

Smallmouth Bass Target Dates for Green Bay

1st Saturday in may to 1st of August

Casting swimbaits, jerk baits and hair jigs are all techniques that we will be using to successfully catch smallmouth bass.

Trophy Walleye Target Dates for Michigan

May Michigan Opener – Mid June

The state of Michigan changes opening day yearly. Please call ahead to establish start date for the year you are booking.

If you are interested in targeting some of the biggest Walleyes in the Bay, we head up to the Michigan waters at a location determined the day before your trip. These walleyes can range from 26-33 inches and weigh up to 12lbs POST spawn. Meaning these fish are tuly one of a kind to catch. Being this big after spawning is something only the Bay can offer.

Fishing techniques used will be jigging and trolling.

Trophy Walleye Fish in Boat Policy

ALL/ANY walleye caught over the size of 24 inches with be released. This ensures the future success of the fisheries. Any walleyes caught of mountable size will be photographed, measured, and accurately documented. This will allow you to have a replica done by a Taxidermist of choice or done by our recommended taxidermist